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Jadon Leather Black Sandals

$115.00 USD
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G Fḏ  b The Jadon shines as one of EOS' fine summer wedges. It's made frbv if you if you feel like that her and you a little bit there, just seems to do you know what can you feel that I’m not sure if I guess it was added in here sometimes we do that maybe we need to see if it’s gonna go flat otherwise I’ll show you this other style yeah cool yeah but it’s just super look that they’re happy to be paying 160 for a pair of shoes for you first but then since the weather is changed yet om aniline full-grain calf leather and features a leather stacked design. 100% Italian leather and the leather buckle feature make for a durable, stable shoe that is perfect anywhere you go. You don't have to sacrifice durability for high fashion with these.